Recipe for My Supermoist Carrot Cake with Chocolate Ganache

As a kid when I first heard of a Carrot Cake I refused to eat it! After all who puts carrot in a cake? Well, how I ate Carrot Cake for the first time calls for another blog. For now let me share my super innovative recipe for Carrot cake with Chocolate Ganache with you.

My Superhit Recipe for Sabutdana Vadas

There is some food that is extremely reminiscent of memories that it encapsulates. The flavour of such dishes is usually unforgettable, and that is not just because of the food but the entire paraphernalia that surrounds it. Sabutdana Vadas is some such dish for me since childhood.

My Quick No Fail Recipe for Instant Dhokla

Instant Dhokla one of my favourite snacks, is very versatile. Quick and easy to cook, it is delicious and can be had for breakfast or snacks. Try this no fail recipe for instant dhokla.

The Customary Weekend Chicken Curry

By the time the weekend arrives, the Punjabi in me usually yearns for chicken, after all Tandoori Chicken is my national bird! So well, no surprise that one of my weekend favourites is the simple chicken curry- it’s easy to cook, it’s delicious, it’s spicy and of course it’s chicken!

A Super Late but a Super Delicious Christmas Cake

Who doesn’t like cakes, cookies, brownies, homemade breads and a variety of baked deliciousness that comes in both sweet and savoury. Try this super simple recipe for a traditional Christmas Cake and you’ll just won’t stop eating the super yum cake!

India Eats on its Streets

You may go and order all the food in an upmarket restaurant, but you can’t deny the fact that the food served there never matches the bold and robust flavours of the food served on the streets. That is because India eats on its streets.

Why You Should Travel?

A lot of people over the last couple of years have asked me why I like to travel so much. Isn’t is scary to just pick your bag and go to unknown places in the middle of nowhere? Don’t you get scared? How to do manage without technology? My answer to all these questions- Travel is therapy, it is addictive!

Welcome to A Working Girl’s Kitchen!

Welcome to a working girl’s kitchen where I struggle with my 9am- 7pm job and try to let of some steam by spending some time in the kitchen every day.

Food: My World

Food is the prime source of most of my memories if not all. When I look back at my childhood, it seems to be the most integral part of me growing up after family and probably school and college. Being born in a Punjabi family is both a blessing and a curse.

A Lucknawi Punjabi from Delhi!

Nothing describes me better than my undying, unmatched and ever increasing love for food. Born in a Punjabi household in the nawabi city of Lucknow, well known for its gourmet food, it was only obvious that I grew up to be a foodie. Ever since I can recall, conversations at home would somehow end up being about food.