A Lucknawi Punjabi from Delhi!

Hello World! I am Surabhi Sehgal. Nothing describes me better than my undying, unmatched and ever-increasing love for food.

Born in a Punjabi household in the nawabi city of Lucknow, well-known for its gourmet food, it is only obvious that I grew up to be a foodie. Ever since I can recall, conversations at home would somehow end up being about food. My father, a connoisseur of sorts, has always taken his food very seriously and this is coupled with the fact that my mother whips up the most amazing vegetarian Punjabi fare. If the Lucknawi food scene was not enough for me, spending nine and a half years in Delhi fueled my passion for food and being in Hyderabad for the last two years was like the final step.

Nothing makes you realize the importance for simple homemade food than being away from home. I have been away from home for over a decade (almost 12 years now) and have stayed in college hostels, PG’s and a flat with friends. I know the loathsome feeling of wondering what to order for lunch every day and the longing to go home to a comforting plate of home cooked food.

Food had always been on my mind, since all I have watched on TV for years in Fox Life, TLC, NDTV GoodTimes and the gospel of all food shows- Masterchef Australia. Watching food shows, eating out and making quick fix meals in hostel and PG for years gave birth to an amateur cook in me, who discovered a passion for cooking. So when I shifted to Hyderabad 2 years ago, I decided to don the chef’s hat and cook my own meals. With constant encouragement from friends, family and colleagues I finally gathered the courage to share my experience with you guys. I have to mention my friend cum flatmate in Hyderabad, without whose continuous nagging this blog would never have come to existence.

So this is my space to share my recipes with you, some simple, some complex, some traditional, some with a twist. Become a part of my world where I cook, plan get-togethers for my friends at home, travel, explore and do so much more!

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