Welcome to A Working Girl’s Kitchen!

Welcome to a working girl’s kitchen where I struggle with my 9am- 7pm job and try to let off some steam by spending some time in the kitchen every day.

When I started staying away from home back in July 2006, in the LSR College Hostel, like every hosteller food was the biggest concern.  However I must agree this publicly after all the years that food in the LSR Hostel is way better than what is served in most hostels and PGs across the country. It was during this time that all my food experiments actually began- pyaaz wali maggi (as we fondly called it), browning a papad with a hot iron, making coffee with milk powder, making dahi aloo during navratras and what not!

The next 2 years in Meghdoot Hostel in the North Campus of University of Delhi were worse in terms of hostel food but better in terms of cooking in the hostel. We managed to make pulao, different kind of subzis, sandwiches and even kheer on the hotplate that was there in every corridor. The next four and a half years in the PG comprised of horrible food but amazing experiments and cooking at places of friends who stayed in flats or at home! It was here that I discovered my love and passion for cooking.

Then when I finally moved to Hyderabad on 7th February 2016, that is when my real tryst with the kitchen started. I finally shifted in flat on 1st March 2016 and set up my first kitchen from the scratch, a kitchen I take great pride in today! From buying the utensils to ingredients to containers, I did it all with my current flatmate who stayed in the next lane at that time.

The first meal that I cooked was kadhi-chawal- aloo, my all my favourite comfort food. I would often call my friend to eat with me since cooking for a single person would often be tiresome. Thankfully by May, this friend was staying with me and I was cooking 3 meals daily! The ideas were simple- sometimes  inspired from simple homely food, sometimes inspired from the Punjabi food back home, sometimes from all the food shows that I watched and as a result ‘A Working Girl’s Kitchen’ was born!

Through this blog I welcome you all to my kitchen and want to tell you that cooking everyday is not as cumbersome as you think it is, provided you plan thoroughly.

Welcome to my world- A Working Girl’s Kitchen!


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