Why You Should Travel?

Travel… a beautiful word, a stunning feeling and probably the best experience that helps you evolve as an individual! There are a million other reasons why should travel.

A lot of people over the last couple of years have asked me why I like to travel so much. Isn’t it scary to just pick your bag and go to unknown places in the middle of nowhere? Don’t you get scared? How to do manage without technology? My answer to all these questions- Travel is therapy, it is addictive! And for those of you who are still in two minds, let me give you reasons why you should travel.

One of the best reasons why you should travel is because of the memories you’ll create, because of the people you meet, their experiences and your own travel anecdotes along with the thrill of seeing new places- you will be gifting yourself a wonderful bunch of memories.

Nothing matches the happiness of completing a trek you thought you wouldn’t be able to  or feeling the waft of fresh pure breeze by the riverside on your face. Travel makes you a happy person and you value things that you take for granted so much more. Sometimes a hot bowl of maggi makes you happier than a meal from the fanciest of restaurants, a smile from a kid restores your faith in humanity and a warm bed in a small home stay is more comfortable than your soft sprawling bed at home. You grow as a person; meeting people, hearing about their lives, their experiences, their culture, their stories not only help you evolve as an individual but also broadens your perspective of the world .

One of the biggest reasons why you should travel is because it is empowering yet humbling at the same time. It is an amazing feeling to be able to scale the peak of a mountain or make your way in a new place full of strangers in a completely different culture, but is equally humbling to realize how much about the world you don’t know and at the end of the day you are nothing more than a tiny speck in this world. And of course, for foodies like me is the added advantage of eating the local street food. So well yes, don’t think anymore book tickets for the next long weekend and go travel!

For those of you who are scared to grab a bag and start travelling, wonder if I am not scared of what might happen every time I travel? My answer to you guys is that in life with all its unpredictability you anyways don’t know of what might happen, so why not take the risk and travel. Yes, the fear will always be there but the only way to find out is to go out and explore because every trip will make you a better person!

My only regret in life is that I started travelling fairly late; don’t live with the same regret.  Remember, the right time and reasons why you should travel will never come; you just have to make it right, create reasons and travel!

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